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Do you need to verify IACP certification status on an individual before entrusting them with a certified auto appraisal?

This feature allows you to verify current status of certification for an individual certified by the Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers - IACP. You need to know their full name in order to perform the search.

Alternatively, you may enter the certification number below. This number can be found on the wall certificate produced by the appraiser. The search will return the certification number, a name, current status
and an expiration date for that individual.

BOCAA strives to maintain accurate, reliable, and current information on certification. However, inadvertent mistakes may exist in our database. If you discover an apparent mistake or discrepancy, please
contact the Independent Appraisers Certification Program department at
1-877-424-8560 immediately.

Search by first name, last name or IACP certification number.

BOCAA strongly suggests that the certification identity be verified with a government issued photo identification card, such as a driver's license.

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Our IACPSM Auto Appraisers have experience appraising fine automobiles as featured in Hemmings Motor News, Barret-Jackson Auction Company, Bonham’s, The Branson Auction, Gooding & Company, Leake Auction Company, Mecum Auction Company, RM Auctions, Russo and Steele, & Worldwide Auctioneers; --- Antique, Veteran, Vintage, Post-Vintage, Classic, Post-Classic, and Modern cars including --- Italian Cars, British Cars, German Cars, French Cars, European Cars, American Cars, and Restoration Inspections for Legal and Certified requirements such as: Investment Appraisals, Insurance Claims, Total Loss, Auto Damage Estimates, Auto Accidents, Stolen Vehicles, Bank Loans, Pre-Purchase Inspections, Court Ordered Appraisals, Actual Cash Value, Divorce Appraisals, Estate Appraisals, Probate Appraisals, Manufactures Defects, and Lawsuits.

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Looking for your next appraisal assignment? Members can access employment opportunities throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands today. Are you an employer requiring an IACPSM Certified Auto Appraiser on an appraisal? Contact us for more details today!


BOCAA certification courses have incorporated the principles of USPAP in our certification program.

Certification course can be completed from the convenience of your own home.


The Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers (www.BOCAA.org) is a National Professional Appraisal Credentialing Organization (NPACO) as recognized by the IRS & US Department of Treasury: Sections §1.170A-17(b) and 170(f)(11)(E), as added by the Jobs Act and amended by section 1219 of the Pension Protection Act of 2006, Public Law 109-280 (120 Stat. 780) (PPA) for written examination, testing, education and experience requirements for the qualification of IACP Certified Auto Appraisers Worldwide.